Introducing the POSH program for senior pets

POSH Senior Package

Did you know that most pets are considered “seniors” once they reach the age of seven? Your senior pet’s health is important to us! Just as older humans need to see their doctors more frequently, your senior pet needs more frequent exams and testing to make sure that he stays healthy into his golden years.

Because of this, we created the POSH (Pets Over Seven Health) program. This program includes physical exams, a urinalysis (testing the pet’s urine), and blood testing every 6 months. These tests help us to catch health issues before they become a problem.

We have grouped these items into a special POSH package where you get a discount on all testing based on your pet’s age. For example, if your dog is 7 years old, you receive a 7% discount on the package items every 6 months, if he’s 12 years old, you’d get a 12% discount.

Please do not hesitate to ask our staff about the POSH program and how to enroll your senior pet!