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Letter from Dr. Laurie Halkowich

Dear Clients of North Main Small Animal Clinic and Red Bone Mobile Vets,

Dr. Dallman of North Main Small Animal Clinic retired on May 30, 2014. As many clients of both clinics know, Dr. Laurie had a wonderful working relationship with North Main as owner of Red Bone Mobile Vets. When Dr. Dallman pondered retirement, and Dr. Laurie sought to expand her business and services, Dr. Laurie buying the clinic became a natural progression.

We have renamed the clinic Main Street Veterinary Clinic to reflect a coming together of two businesses. To our current Red Bone Mobile Vets clients, we hope to be able to offer you many more services than we have in the past. To the current North Main clients, we hope to build new and fruitful relationships with you and your pets. Change is seldom easy, but please give us the opportunity to get to know you and your pets. We hope clients of both clinics will be as excited as we are to build Main Street Veterinary Clinic together one healthy, happy pet at a time.

We look forward to seeing you soon!




Dr. Laurie Halkowich