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Veterinary Surgery in Blacksburg

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In some cases, veterinary surgery is the best option to get a pet the treatment he or she needs to return to their usual happy, healthy self. Main Street Veterinary Clinic is here to offer your pet soft-tissue surgery options for a variety of ailments.

Our skilled veterinarians can perform a wide range of soft tissue procedures. Our surgical services include, but are not limited to:

  • Spay/neuter—We advise advise pet owners to get their pets spayed and neutered because it reduces the risk of certain cancers and increases their life expectancy. Since each breed is different we do not have general age recommendations for when these procedures be performed. Instead, we will work with you to identify when is best for your pet.
  • Mass removals—Our veterinary team can safely and efficiently remove masses.
  • Cystotomies—This procedure is performed on the urinary bladder to remove bladder stones.
  • Enucleations—This procedure is used to remove the eye.
  • Amputations—If necessary, we can perform amputations in the clinic.
  • Exploratory laparotomy—This procedure is performed on the abdomen to examine your pet's organs and structures.

While we don’t perform orthopedic surgeries, we can refer you to specialty hospitals if your pet has an orthopedic injury that requires surgical intervention.

What to Expect from Surgery

Drop-off times for scheduled surgeries is between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m., and discharge time varies based on the animal and the procedure. If your pet needs pre-anesthetic bloodwork (required for pets over 3 years) we can perform these on the day of surgery or in advance.

During surgery a licensed technician closely monitors your pet’s ECG, heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure during surgery. We also administer pain management medication for every procedure.

Our team closely monitors your pet during recovery and your veterinarian will call you once your pet is awake to provide you with an update, and to schedule a discharge time. One of our licensed technicians will discharge your pet post-surgery and will send you and your pet home with discharge instructions and any necessary medications.

To learn more about our surgical process, call or text us or request an appointment online.