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Main Street Veterinary Clinic Main Street Veterinary Clinic

(540) 951‑1002 Blacksburg, VA

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On-Site Veterinary Pharmacy for Your Pet’s Prescription Needs

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When it comes to prescription medications and diets for pets, the team at Main Street Veterinary Clinic believes in using the safest and most respected brands. We can guarantee the quality of the products we prescribe because we have a fully-stocked in-house pharmacy right in our clinic.

On-Site Medications

We have a wide range of prescriptions available in our pharmacy for same-day pickup, and we can special order items we do not have on hand. This makes it easier to provide your pets with the veterinary care they need.

Some of the medications we regularly have in stock include:

  • Ear and eye medication
  • Pain Medication
  • Antibiotics
  • Preventives for heartworm, flea, and tick—Interceptor Plus, Bravecto, Revolution Plus, and Credelio

Talk to a member of our team about how you can take advantage of same day rebates for some of our products.

On-Site Prescription Food

We also have small quantities of prescription foods to tide you over until you can order more from our online store.

Providing medication and food on-site allows us to guarantee the quality of the products we prescribe, which gives you peace of mind when you give medication to your pets. Since we stock the medications, we can also anticipate or help with any side effects or dosing changes.

Refill Requests

We offer prescription refill requests for clients who have visited our practice within the last calendar year. Refill requests from our in-house pharmacy allow you to get the medications you need with ease. Please give our team 24 hours notice for any refill requests.

Whether you need some post-surgery medications or want to get your puppy started off with healthy nutrition, we can often provide what you need right from the clinic.

Our Online Pharmacy

To ensure that you have access to safe and reliable medication, food, and supplements for your pet we have partnered with Vetsource to provide an online pharmacy storefront. From treats and food to preventives and painkillers you can order online and have these products delivered to your home.

To learn more about what we offer at our on-site pharmacy or to request a prescription refill for your pet, please call or text (540) 951-1002.