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Wellness Care for Pets in Blacksburg, Virginia

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When it comes to setting your pets up on a path to good health, there is no substitute for wellness and preventive care. Yearly exams allow us to create a detailed picture of your pet’s health at baseline so we can easily determine if there are unexpected health changes.

During a wellness exam, we will examine your pet from head to tail to check all body systems. We will also offer to microchip your pet (if he or she does not already have one).


Starting during kitten and puppy visits, we will recommend vaccines based on your pet’s breed and lifestyle.

We offer a 10% discount on all wellness/vaccine visits and services for clients that do all the puppy/kitten vaccine series with Main Street Veterinary Clinic. You will also receive a 10% discount on spay and neuter services when your pet reaches the recommended age.

Puppy Vaccine Schedule

  • 8 weeks—Exam, 1st DHPP, Bordetella, deworming, free nail trim
  • 12 weeks—Exam, 2nd DHPP, 1st Lepto (if indicated), Rabies, deworming (if indicated), free nail trim
  • 16 weeks—Exam, 3rd (final) DHPP, 2nd (final) Lepto (if indicated), 1st Lyme (if indicated, free nail trim. Puppies that receive the 1st Lyme vaccine will need to return in 3-4 weeks for a final booster.

Kitten Vaccine Schedule

  • 8 Weeks—Exam, Felv/FIV testing, 1st FVRCP, deworming, free nail trim
  • 12 weeks—Exam, 2nd FVRCP, Rabies, deworming (if indicated), free nail trim
  • 16 weeks—Exam, 3rd (final) FVRCP, 1st Felv (if indicated, with a booster 3–4 weeks later at a technician appointment), free nail trim

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Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, we might also recommend other vaccines like leptospirosis or lyme disease.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are a problem in our area, and we recommend getting your pets on a monthly preventive throughout the year. Talk to your veterinarian about the best preventive option for your pet’s lifestyle.

Microchipping for Cats and Dogs

Microchipping your family pet is an important part of pet ownership. This small step can help reunite you with your pet should they get lost. Microchipping can occur at any time such as during your puppy or kitten’s spay or neuter procedure or even during their vaccine appointments.

Wellness Schedule

We recommend most pets come in for a yearly wellness exam. Once pets reach age 7, or their senior years, we suggest increasing this to biannual exams to maintain good health.

We are excited to partner with you to ensure your pets are as healthy and happy as possible. Please call or text us or request an appointment online to set up your next wellness exam.