A vet examines a cute golden puppy.

In our modern world of seemingly endless choices, the numerous possible paths that lead pet owners to our front door are not lost on us—we know it isn’t a spontaneous decision or an accident. A great deal of consideration usually precedes an initial appointment, and we value the time and energy it takes to choose the right vet for a single pet, or a group of animals. Excellent veterinary care is a natural part of your best friend’s health, and our priority is putting their needs before all else.

Look Before You Leap

In order to choose the right vet, we recommend taking your time to think about what you value most. Is it important that your vet is close to home? What about emergency hours and other diagnostics offered in-house? From there, many other questions may start to unspool, and it is essential to consider all of them closely. 

To avoid rushing into something you’re not totally sure about, we recommend starting your search for the right vet long before you adopt. That way, when your best friend arrives, you don’t have to worry or scramble to get them booked. Our team can help you prepare for your pet’s adoption by giving you tips for gear, supplies, pet proofing, and so much more.

Generally speaking, a popular, well-respected veterinary clinic will be busy. It’s always a good idea to have your pet’s wellness exams scheduled in advance.

Recommendations and References

To choose the right vet, an internet search is a good place to start. Using the maps feature of any search engine, you can zero-in on veterinary hospitals that are within a certain distance. From there, you can peruse Google reviews for client feedback. Always check out social media, such as Facebook, for additional insights into the veterinary practices you’re considering. 

Ask around. You friends and neighbors will likely provide specific anecdotes for why they like their vet, or steer you away from others. The network of pet owners is a strong one, and can offer illuminating opinions.

The Big Picture

Pet owners typically want to know exactly which services are available for their pet. There’s nothing worse than thinking everything’s under one roof, only to have to go somewhere else. In this way, research what veterinary services you deem essential and check them off your list when choosing between vets. Many pet owners look for in-house laboratory services, pharmacy, or emergency care

The Right Match

Choosing the right vet can be intimidating, which is why we recommend scheduling a time to meet our staff and tour our hospital. You’ll find that each member of our team has something special to offer. Whether it’s a specialization in senior pet care, dentistry, surgery, or pain management, Main Street Veterinary Clinic is all about addressing specific needs in individual pets. We also value communication and education, and our transparent pricing can help owners understand potential costs.

A Part of Our Family

We don’t just see your pet as a patient. We view them as a part of our family. To that end, we strive to help them achieve great health and overall wellness. Our team at Main Street Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing the best care possible to your pet, and hope that your search for the right vet ends when you walk through our door.

For further questions about our services and availability, please call us at (540) 951-1002